A law firm dedicated exclusively to the representation of expectant mothers pursuing adoption.

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TruAdopt is a full-service adoption law firm dedicated to representing expectant parents in an ethical, knowledgeable and compassionate manner.

In order to maintain the highest ethical standards when assisting with adoption of newborn children, we only represent expectant parents who are placing a baby for adoption. TruAdopt was founded by attorney Celeste Liversidge who has been practicing exclusively in the field of adoption law since 2001.

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from our founder

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of representing hundreds of birth parents and adoptive families. In 18 years of practicing adoption law, I’ve witnessed both the beauty and the pain of adoption. While I truly love my work in adoptions, I believe there is much room for improvement in the way we do adoptions in this country. With the launch of TruAdopt, we are committed to employing best practices in each case to facilitate adoptions that are child-centered, both legally and ethically sound and fully supportive of placing parents.”

celeste liversidge

Celeste made sure me and the baby’s father had the support we needed at the end of my pregnancy and especially at the hospital. Adoption is complicated and I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without that support.


how we helped vanessa

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what sets us apart

  • Only Expectant Parents

    We work exclusively with expectant parents to provide dedicated legal representation.

  • Children Are Priority

    The child’s well-being is considered above everything else.

  • Educate and Advise

    We educated our clients on all the options available to them.

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Transforming the dialogue surrounding birth parents by infusing it with a heart of compassion and truth.

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